EPA's Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award 2016 OdoBan - Make life fresh Safer Choice - 3-in-1 Carpet OdoBan Eliminates Odors. Ready-to-use and concentrated. The Original Odor Eliminator since 1980. OdoBan Eliminates Odors. OdoBan Kills Viruses in 60 Seconds! Air Freshener and Laundry Refresher. Try our Lavender Scent. Earth Choice. Environmentally Responsible, safer to use and best of all They Work! Biological Solutions. Natural Enzyme Formulations work more efficiently and effectively. Bowl Control- restroom Odor Control nonpaa water-activated design. Application Accessories - Dispensing and Application Accessories to help get the job done. Lemon Oil - Rejuvenates Fine Wood, restores luster and prevents wood from drying out
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