OdoBan Professional - OdoBan Solid Odor Absorber - Eucalyptus

Solid Odor Absorber & Air Freshener - Eucalyptus

Solid Odor Absorber & Air Freshener
Solid Odor Absorber
  • For Pet, Smoke, Food, Mildew Odors & More
    Para malos olores de mascotas, humo, comida, moho y mas

Directions for Use: Twist off lid. Remove protective seal. Reapply lid. Place in upright position. Absorbs odors in rooms up to 400 sq. ft. for approx. 45 days. For best results, increase airflow around product.

Note: Exposure to temperatures above 105°F will cause product to liquefy.

Item # Packaging Shipping Wt. (lbs.) Cube Size (ft.3) UPC#
973562-8Z12 12 Per Case 7.2 0.27 00732109402101
Adobe pdf SDS - 73562 Adobe pdf Info Sheet

Eliminates Odors & Freshens the Air
Lasts up to 45 Days

Closets, Lockers, Pet Odors, and Smoke Odors


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