OdoBan Professional - Pail Stik Chemical Delivery System
Mist Stik™ Chemical Delivery System

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  • Use Pail Stik with BioDrain Grease & Waste Digester for 30 day grease trap maintenance and odor control program
  • Simple installation/minimal maintenance
  • Easy time adjustments to customize 7 day programs
  • Proprietary electronic design for accurate chemical dispensing
  • Programmable features allow for up to 8 chemical dosages daily for optimal performance
  • Molded of high-impact, chemical-resistant plastic
  • Model is available for use with a 5 gallon pail, powered by AC Adapter
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack available
  • The most affordable chemical dispensing unit in the marketplace today
  • Highly effective in septic systems
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Accessory; Item # Packaging Shipping Wt. (lbs.) Cube Size (ft.3)
Pail Stik (AC Adapter Included) 700051 1 Per Case 3.3 0.31
Optional Rechargeable Battery 700003 1 Per Case    
Please contact customer service for specifications.


Rechargeable Battery Pack

(Optional Feature)
Pail Stik Rechargeable Battery Pack BX1250 (12V5.0AH) Standby/Alarm Use

Optional rechargeable battery pack is designed for use with our Pail Stik accessories. Great for use when electrical plug-in is not available (i.e. under sinks, etc.).

Battery Pack plugs directly into Pail Stik (where AC adapter plugs in). Battery recharges in ~12 hours using the Pail Stik AC Adapter. (NOTE: Don't discard Pail Stik AC Adapter you will need this to recharge your battery.)

Specifications: Constant Voltage Charge, Cycle Use: 14.0 -15.0V, Standby Use: 13.5 - 13.8V, Initial Current: Less than 1.5A


The Clean Control Chemical Delivery System utilizes state-of-the-art technology to consistently deliver a metered chemical dosage for optimum product performance. Dispensers require minimal maintenance and are molded of high-impact, chemical-resistant plastic. Models are available for use with a 5 gallon or *55 gallon drum, powered by battery pack or electrical current, and are the most affordable chemical dispensing units in the marketplace today.

*Please contact Customer Service for Specifications

  • Simple Installation
  • Easy Time Adjustments to Customize 7 Day Programs
  • Proprietary Electronic Design for Accurate Chemical Dosages Daily for Optimal Performance
  • Use with Clean Control BioSolutions for a 30 day Grease Trap Maintenance or Odor Control Program
  • Highly Effective in Septic Systems

Height:   Pump head protrudes 5 inches above 5 gallon pail when inserted
Weight:   14 oz. excluding power source
Shipping Weight:   4 lbs.

Programmable Timer:
  Enclosed in unit
Repeat up to 8 times daily
7 day cycle
Electronics:   Epoxy coated electronics
Enclosure:   Injection molded, ultra-high impact plastic
offering high chemical resistance
Dosage Feed Rate:   Programmable to 3/4 gallons per cycle
Dispensing Cycle Time:   Programmable to 8 minutes per cycle
Pump Type:   Self priming with brush type motor 12v to 24V DC
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